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Helvent Investment Ltd facilitates and manages the process of the opening of Letter of Credit on behalf of its clientele, and continues the ongoing management of the letter of credit process throughout the period for which a transaction may occur.

Helvent Investment ltd international uses the services of several financial institutions and is a representative for most international financial companies. Because of the company’s firm banking relationships in international trade, shipping, commodities, it is positioned to provide flexible and expedited services to its clientele. Due to the flexibility of the company, a specific collateral deposit is not required, and Helvent Investment Ltd does not necessarily become a creditor to its client companies. Helvent Investment ltd provides an augment to the banking or lending facilities, which may be currently provided by other institutions.

Through its strong banking relationships in which world financial and banking institutions work in conjunction with Helvent investment ltd, the company avails itself of the foremost experts in the World of Trade Finance and criteria set forth in UCP600 for documentary LC’s and ISP98 for standby Letters of Credit. There alliances help to create opportunities for growth and profitability the client companies.

If your company is looking for a strategy to finance goods to fill your orders, or simply to support growth, Helvent Investment Ltd is the right partner for you in your trade financing and growth.

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