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About Us

We opened our doors for the first time in August of 2015. We are the oldest modest locally owned and operated pawn investment company in Ghana .Helvent Investment Limited (Gold Rush Pawn) is opened to introduce the new concept in Ghana how individuals who keep their wealth and asset in the form of gold , diamonds and sliver use it to access funds , loan as per there are needs whereby such individuals can’t go to the traditional and non-traditional financial institutions to access loans or funds for their emergency needs and situation

Helvent Investment Limited Gold Rush Pawn our services and relationship to our clients are more or less to our customers like a family and friends

For those who need quick cash, Helvent Investment Limited (Gold Rush Pawn) has a reputation for giving a fair amount on the item you bring in. If you really want your pawned item back, we are willing to work with you. We would rather have your repeated business than a one-time transaction. If it weren't for the people who keep coming in we wouldn't still be business .

You are an individual you are looking for that birthday gift, we hope you will think of us to come to Helvent Investment Limited (Gold Rush Pawn) we will meet your need within an hour you. We don't do payday or vehicle title loans either. We don't want to repossess any vehicles or deduct anyone’s wages, if you have such demand and need then one need to contact our mirco credit and finance for transactional requirement at loans@helventinvestment.com

Helvent Investment Limited (Gold Rush Pawn) We would give a loan on a rifle or power tool and hold onto it until you get some cash. If it doesn't work out and you decide not to come back for them that's okay too and not nearly as painful.

If you haven't been in, please stop by. Helvent Investment limited (Gold Rush Pawn) is a pawn investment company but it's a whole lot more. You will be pleasantly surprised! with our service which we can give you

P. O. Box SK 934 Sakumono-Estate, Tema - Ghana  |  +233 - 30 - 396 - 5626 / +233 - 24 - 208 - 8444 / +233 - 26 - 553 - 3181 | info@helventinvestment.com / helventinvestment1979@gmail.com |  Disclaimer
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