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Helvent Investment Limited, is a licensed gold exporting company and a subsidiary of helvent holdings limited by Ghana mineral commission in Ghana. With almost 12 years track record in exporting gold to various destinations including Dubai, Hong Kong, united state of American and many more around the globe. The company operates over 18 gold mobilization centers (gold buying centers) across the mining towns and villages of Ghana. and is in partnership with 33 small scale miners, we guarantee constant supply of Gold. The company has gold mining projects awaiting partnership from interested investors.

Buyer Beware!!
Helvent Investment Limited, is a licensed gold exporter by Ghana mineral commission in Ghana, providing quality gold, giving our cherished clients value for money.  We are not affiliated to any person, Group or Company claiming to be an agent, or representing HIL Gold Export, unless otherwise stated. 

Payments are made via our bankers through a swift code. Clients are hereby advised not to transfer money via Western Union, beware of Scammers!! When in doubt, contact the CEO via E-mail: ceo@hilgoldexport.com or phone: +233 242 088 444

Mining services

1.Mines Financing
Helvent Investment Limited now provides clients, mines and gold producers with a complete solution, enabling the production of gold from its raw form through all stages towards final production of  bullion bars. We also provide financing to small mining project.

2.Equipment Leasing
We deal in heavy equipment. For us, we’re not out to sell equipment, rather we lease and hire them to people with heavy equipment needs. This segment manages the equipment lease arm of the business. We have various types of equipment such as constructions equipment, drilling equipment, computers, agricultural equipment, etc. Equipment Lease segment arranges either operating or finance lease options to clients based on their specific and varied business needs.

3.Logistics Support
The company is dedicated in providing our clients the best in planning, strategy and organization. We are committed to giving the support your program needs to succeed. Our 24/7 operation is designed to keep our clients comfortable and confident knowing there are knowledgeable sources at our end at all times.
We provide financial management of all purchases on behalf of our clients. 

Our Management personnel understand the operating costs in the gold mining and know which local vendors will supply your needs best.

We offer experienced logistical support from town and at site. Our team has extensive in-house knowledge of all mining processes and can offer information or advice on what best suites your mobilization needs.

Ability to provide your camp with Logistical Managers.

Advanced planning and logistics for all modes of mine exploration and development.

Our Export Services includes the following:

1.Smelting & Assay
We undertake both smelting and assaying of gold in our facility. Smelting is done with a Hybrid combination of Gas and Electric furnace. The electric generates the fan speed and Current which assist the smelting whilst the Gas fires the process. Before smelting the gold will be washed in Nitric Acid to clean and burn off other materials to the barest minimum.
The smelting begins with the open Crucible pot, our crucibles have a weight capacity of up to 8kilos per smelting time. Smelting takes approximately 20 minutes per Crucible of 8 kilos weight. This is done in the presence of clients who if so willing to be present during the process. The material can be in any form, Dust, ingots and or Nuggets. The material is put into the crucible and boras is added to gold in the crucible to be smelted by Gas fire.
After the smelting process the gold is made into dore bars of weights between 500 grams to 2 kilo bars, after which the dore bars are sent to our Assay laboratory. The Assay process involve the usage of the specific density Hydrostatic gravity electronic scale. The gold is placed on the electronic scale in the presence of the client, the captured weight is written down and the gold placed in the vessel of water underneath the electronic scale to determine the displacement of water against the weight of the gold. The weight of the displaced water is calculated by a special formula using the Density of gold and the result is then divided by the original weight of the gold which determines the actual karat or percentage of properties in the gold bar. This method has a relative precision of 0.01 grams.

2.Bullion Trading
Bullion is traded daily from our facility through refineries with registered accounts. We make exports to several world class refineries in the United Arab Emirates, the USA, Asia and among others.
A client may decide to trade bullion in the futures market by choosing their own refinery where the gold must be delivered. Please request specific information on Bullion trading. A client must however be a registered member of our company to be able to trade in Bullion.

3.Gold Trading
The company buys and sells gold bars from 80% up. Gold Bars are bought from several small scale mines. We buy and sell Dore on the spot daily. The material is priced by the world market trading day price less 1.5% to 2% below trading spot price depending on volumes. All material is bought in any of our 18trading centers either in mixed nuggets or dust.
However the product is weighed and assayed and then smelted for determination of contents before payment is made in the various buying centers. 

One can either buy or sell Dore bars to the company on spot prices. The company also encourages trade in our daily program by selling and buying gold for clients on spot, and the profit accrued wired into client account.

4.Gold Vault Storage
We provide storage of precious metals to clients who want to keep their gold overnight with us. This is an open service and clients who maintain account with us can bring gold to be stored in our vault, prior to shipping. The service carries a fee, we also accept gold delivered by third party suppliers to our clients and keep such gold on behalf of our clients.
The gold is stored in undisclosed bank vault with receipts issued against the delivery in our facility. All gold delivered to us is insured at full cost of the value of the gold including compensation for any eventual theft. This is a promise of security for secured storage. 

We offer transportation services which is part of our primary service. We collect gold from several mining sites and delivery points across the country and transport same to our facility for smelting. We have a team of security personnel who accompany any delivery under secured escort to our facility, this service also is backed by an insurance coverage against security risk.
Please ask for transportation service charges, exceptions are available for transportation within the West African region, we can collect gold in any location around West Africa from Mali, Burkina Faso, Guinea, Sierra-Leone, Liberia etc just name the location we provide the transportation. Special fees applicable for services in neighboring West African States. Please request the transportation service charge for external service. 

Export & Documentation

We provide as the main feature of our integral service the exportation of gold under our licence to several destinations across the world. The export of gold meets the Government requirement under strict Customs regulation and by the Bank of Ghana requirement. All the gold exports are done through laid down regulations to several world class refineries overseas.
The process involves the issuance of Assay, invoices, a packing list, documentation for customs clearance and finally Airway bills with Consignee details to the point of destination. As a primary rule all intended gold exports must first submit to the Bank of Ghana regulation by first wiring money for the gold export into Ghana before shipment can be commenced.
There is absolutely no gold shipment under credit terms, the BOG regulations does not allow for shipment of gold before Payment. NOTE the requirement is stated on the BOG form ‘A’ it is a precondition for export please ask for details and do not pay money to anybody to allow shipment other than the prescribed regulation. Shipment of gold dust is not allowed, all gold must be smelted into dore bars to ascertain the purity for invoice value to be placed on customs clearance. The total cost for export is calculated at 0.5% of export value. Italtec Export commission applies. Please request commission and export charge sheet.


1.Gold Account
A gold account, also known as a metal account or an allocated bullion account, is a term we use interchangeably at helvent investment Limited. It is important to note that the only type of account you actually hold with Helvent Investment Limited is where the gold is fully allocated. Helvent investment Limited will never sell a single ounce of gold bullion based on the unallocated method in use by banks and other financial institutions.

The gold account opening is to ensure that prospective clients purchase gold through our company in a safe, secure and in a transparent manner. A gold trading account entitles a buyer to a variety of services. Some of which include the collection of gold from location within the country, transportation, documentation, storage and exportation of gold under our professional supervision to refineries around the world.
Download the account opening forms and return the filled application with an annual registration fee of $2,000 (Two thousand Dollars). Kindly remit the registration fee to the bank account below or visit our banker's page by clicking on Legal Finance & Audit Information menu.

Access bank Ghana Limited
P. O. Box

Bank Branch: Meridian plaza community 1, Tema main harbour road, Ghana
Bank Website: www.ghana.accessbankplc.com
Account Name: Helvent investment limited
Account No: 0021010029331
Swiftcode: ABNGGHAC

Intermediary Bank: CITI BANK NA
Address: 111 wall street 10043, New York, USA
Swift code: CITIUS33
Routing: 021000089
Account No:

Payment Terms
Cash, wire, MT 103, SWIFT bank transfer after contract is signed by both parties or Bank Guarantee from a top tier World Class Bank.

Download Account Opening forms


Country Profile
• Formerly called the Gold Coast.
• Independent constitutional democracy.
• Multi-Party democracy restored since 1992.
• Population of 25.9 million with a land area of 239,000 km2.
• English Common & Customary Law in use.
• Competitive fiscal policy and incentives for mining and mineral exploration.
• 2.5 million ounces of gold produced per annum representing 42% of exports.
• Mining friendly jurisdiction.
• Numerous large scale and smaller alluvial gold mines in production.
• Ranked as fastest reforming economy in Africa.

All  mineral  resources  are  managed  for  the  Government  of  Ghana  by  the  Minerals Commission.  A  new  2006  Act  of  Parliament  (Act  703)  governing  fiscal  issues  is  in place  with  the  main  highlights  as  follows:

• 25% corporate income tax with no additional profits tax.
• 8% withholding tax on dividends paid.
• Capital  allowances  of  75%  for  1st  Year  and  50%  of  balance  for  the  following  years.
• From  3%  to  6%  royalty  paid  to  the  Government  of  Ghana  on  all  gold  and  diamonds produced.
• 10%  free  carried  equity  stake  held  by  the  Government  of  Ghana  for  no  consideration and no right of the Government to purchase additional equity.
• Stability  agreements  entered  into  for  periods  of  up  to  15  years  to  protect  the company  from  future  changes  in  law  that  might  impose  a  large  financial  burden  on  the company.  Must be approved by Parliament.
• Exemptions on import duties and taxes for mining plant and equipment.
• Up  to 75% retention of proceeds from sales of minerals in foreign currencies.

Exploration Development

We use our wealth of experience and the pool of requisite tools in the geology of Ghana to locate, acquire and review opportunities by:
• Expanding its minable alluvial resource base through property acquisition and exploration.
• Researching the exploration work already completed on the bedrock mineralization with a goal of defining a world class resource of interest.

• Investigate the potential for offshore deposition of gold in the deltas of Ghana's major river bodies.


Gold Mine Concession
Helvent Investment Limited wishes to inform all clients who intend to purchase gold mine concessions that the company undertakes Joint Venture Partnerships, which are available for medium and large scale mines, moreover, the company also makes available outright sale of concessions for medium and large scale mines.
Documents are also made available only on demand to interested clients. Clients are required to make serious enquiries only, Helvent investment Limited excludes third party agents in its gold mine concessions.

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