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Helvent Investments Ltd wishes to undertake gold prospecting and mining activities in Ghana, Africa and has initiated reconnaissance activities on the Concessions which have been acquired from the Government of Ghana. This is in line with the Company's aim of becoming a major player in the gold mining industry in Ghana. The Concession, which covers 149.1 km2, is located in Eastern Region of Ghana in the Birim South District of the Eastern Region and about 98 km from the regional capital.

The gold mining sector is an important aspect of Ghana's economy and for many years has been the leading foreign exchange earner. Despite the below average growth rate of 3% recorded by the mining sub-sector in 2006, gold recorded significant growth of about 9%. This was due to increased investments in the sub-sector, notably with the Anglo-Gold Ashanti merger, and the increased operations of Newmont Mining, Redback Mining and Goldfields Gh. Ltd. With gold prices reaching record highs in recent times, further exploration in the gold mining Industry has been stimulated and this is expected to help sustain and drive the growth in the sector.

It is against this background that Helvent Investments Ltd. had previously requested the accounting firm Odei Wontumi Buisness Development Consult to validate the commercial feasibility of the gold reconnaissance project and provide an independent opinion on the economic feasibility of the project.

1.6 Investment Opportunities in the Gold Mining Sector
Ghana has made tremendous strides in the development of its mining sector since the inception of the Economic Recovery Program (ERP) in 1984. Under this program several macro-economic policies were initiated which have resulted in an upsurge of investment attractions to the country. For example, major mining companies like Anglogold, Goldfields, Golden Star Resources, and Newmont are investing significant amounts in the country. Other multinational companies such as BHP-Bliliton, Alcan and Alcoa have also expressed interest in the bauxite industry in Ghana.
Currently proceeds from mining activities provide the largest foreign exchange earnings for the nation with gold accounting for approximately 90% of these earnings. Gold production has increased from 282,229 ounces in 1984 to over 2.3 million ounces currently. In addition to gold, the country is endowed with other mineral deposits such as Manganese, Bauxite and diamonds. There are also unexploited economic deposits of iron ore, limestone, kaolin, feldspar and silica sands.

In addition to the 7 operating gold mines in the country, over 200 gold reconnaissance and prospecting licenses have been issued by the Government to both Ghanaian and foreign entrepreneurs. Based upon research engage by Odei wontumi consult the company has aquired mining concession.

As company with it major objectives to mine gold in the form of dust, nuggets, bars to sell them to our final consumers and Ghana being the second gold producing country in the world and when it comes to quality, carat and purity of gold Ghana gold is the best in the world. As company we have acquired mining concessions within the eight belts regions in Ghana where gold is found we are looking for genuine investors, buyer’s to partner with us as legal exporting company of gold and diamonds in Ghana since this area of trade has been our professional field as a company we have unique obligation to give our customers quality services, prompt delivery of products purchase also to meet the international standard of world gold council requirement as company we also have ways to protect our potential buyer’s and investors against scam from other source of seller’s when purchasing.Gold Buying Procedures

we have  established security company under the name HELVENT SECURITY LTD which it main objectives is to handle precious mineral and coordinate other small scale miners which are under us as a company, represent and look for potential buyer’s for their products collected for sales and export such products are  kept for safe keeping with our security company, Helvent Security Limited has one of the advance technology vault in west  African which all products collected from various mining site  are kept for safe keeping  for final export,  as a company we have established relationship with some leading selected banks in Ghana whereby we have acquired vaults from them  also for safe  keeping for the  interest of buyer’s, as a company we also coordinate buying and selling of gold, diamonds within African for our buyer’s, we do also represent buyer’s who intend to buy gold, diamonds whereby such buyer’s don’t have representatives on the ground for them we also ensure that the buyer’s money is secured and protected to get the right products and make sure that the products are being ship to their refinery for assay

Also there are areas in the mining sector which we are looking for partners and investors to partner us in the area of mining equipment rentals in Ghana most of the large scale mining companies and the small scales mining companies rent mining equipment and there is great market for such equipment for rentals as a company we have contact with this large scale mining companies which such equipment can be rented or leased to them for payment daily.

Ghana is already producing over 2 million ounces of gold per annum. In spite of this level of production, there is no refinery in the country and the bullion is exported for final refining. Feasibility studies have confirmed the viability of the refining gold in Ghana. Such a facility will serve other gold producing countries within the sub region. Opportunities also exist for setting up of downstream production facilities to manufacture key products for the mining industry. Examples are mills, balls, drill bits, cyanide and activated carbon etc., commemorative coins, jewelry and electronic components.

Currently, 13 large-scale companies are producing gold, diamond, bauxite and manganese,with over 300 registered small scale mining groups and 90 mine support service companies, while several other operators are engaged in producing building and industrial minerals.

Despite the amount of past exploration, Ghana is under explored for gold. The occurrence of gold deposits such as Tarkwa, Bibiani, Teberebie and Iduaprlem, and the discoveries of new deposits at Ayamfuri, Obotan, Wassa, Damang, Nkawkaw, Kenyase, Ntronang- Abrem area demonstrate the gold potential of Ghana. There are six major gold belts these are Kibi-Winneba, Ashanti Sefwi, Bui, Bole- Nangbodi and the Lawra belt.

As a country with the fastest growing population which currently our population is 25 million the country has housing deficit of 1.700.000 housing unit whereby as a company we have taking merit of the situation to acquired acres of land within the ten regions of Ghana to play major role in this sector to arrest this situation therefore as a company are ready to partner any potential investors who are interested in real estate and housing projects either for equity partnership or debt financing in the case of equity financing such a partner will enjoy minority ownership , as a company we are willing to negotiate a share /equity buy back guarantee or arrange at the end of five years. This fund will be used to clear the place buy royalties; patents start building of the affordable houses. The company is also biding for government housing projects; the government of Ghana new proposed international airport fortune for the us our acres of lands acquired for our real estate projects is very closed to the new proposed international airport for Ghana.

It is estimated that at least 90% of Ghana’s private sector firms and medium enterprises, however the majority of funding available to this sector is high interest debt. Private equity (more specifically venture capital firms) companies which are best suited to fund these riskier companies, have committed capital which is approximately 10% of the capital available for high interested debt in Ghana the growth of SME sector will depend largely on the growth of the number quantity and size of private equity funds, in Ghana access to financing and project funding is from traditional bank interest rate available to most companies are in excess of 30%. This entire private sector, both SME’s, medium and large firms will benefit from access to low interest long –term capital from Europe and north American

There is existence of shortage of professionals with both an intimate knowledge of the Ghanaian and African financial landscape as well as experience in private equity and investment banking , even where risk capital has been available for disbursement to SME’s finding investment professionals to manage them has proved difficult

Based upon this major difficulty there is a micro finance company which as being forms by name HELVENT LTD as a subsidiary company under HELVENT INVESTMENT LTD authorized to perform the following

  • Identity viable investment /projects /deals
  • Fund rising for limited partner participation
  • Venture capital financing
  • Hedge funds
  • Project financing

As a company we have defined its investment scope to include investment options within Ghana, west African and across the globe HSCP seek to take merit of investment located in any economically viable region with view to offer maximum returns to shareholders , as company is our vision to become a respected leader in financing , delivery strong customer service and exceptional investors returns through team work , therefore in the advent of the oil fortune befalling Ghana , initiatives such as the new pension reform Act and the performance of the economy , it is hoped that the lack of funds for long term investment shall soon become a thing of the past . additional HSCP seeks to attract of funds for both  local and foreign investors to established numerous founds for the benefit of mostly Ghanaian businesses hence contributing immensely to making capital available for projects ,HSCP have private equity investment this is to intends to improve the way its investee companies operate by making them more efficient, profitable and to make them worthwhile investments that guarantee a good exit strategy typically SHPC will focus on investments in the following sectors:

  • Agriculture and allied sectors
  • Financial services
  • Real estate
  • Energy
  • Telecommunication
  • Oil & Gas and Energy
  • Mining

This sectors have been carefully chosen on the basis of the wealth of experience acquired by the promoters and the investment team as a result of its investment philosophy developed through its existing investments in these sectors efforts of the team shall be focused on building world class industry databases on these sectors to critically analyze their characteristics with the view of identify ahead of opportunities of competitions

Therefore this is very lucrative business we need international financing service companies to partner with.

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